Turbo Fleet & Track is a system that allows any institution or individual to have full control of his fleet. It covers aspects of management, programming, allocation of vehicles to drivers, maintenance and repairs follow-ups. It allows the management of insurance contracts, the supply of fuel and maintenance products, accidents and traffic violations. It therefore offers the possibility of instantaneous and remote monitoring of a vehicle.

This solution is the path for optimizing fleet management and vehicle operations by automatically collecting information on the automobile, namely: detection of fuel consumption, mileage, breakdowns. From the information collected, an analysis of the driver’s profile can be performed for decision-making.

Turbo Fleet &Track has the advantage of optimizing fleet management by:

Locating a vehicle at any time.
Establishing a perimeter of movement for the vehicles.
Increasing the safety of vehicles and occupants.
Controlling operating costs.
Monitoring the renewal of licenses, insurance …
Monitoring the renewal of licenses, insurance …
Controlling the real working time of the drivers
Increasing efficiency through preventive maintenance.
Following up on accidents and infractions.
Managing your stock and inventories.
Establishing statistics to help you make better decisions.

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